* Includes 2 Server Licenses needed to install Tiny Server

* Includes Tiny Installer on Debian 12 for Raspbery Pi 3/4/400/5

* Includes Tiny Installer on Debian 12 for Intel computers (AMD64) 

* Does not include a Raspberry Pi or Intel computer

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Tiny Server Installer turns your Raspberry Pi (or Intel computer with Linux Debian 12) into a Professional (Home Hosted) Internet Server which is yours allowing you to freely expand and be free to host and share your data and communication over the Internet so Big Tech can't interfere and spy. Tiny Server is for everyone who wants to be online independent. Ideal for Internet users, small to medium sized startups, hobbyists, clubs, retailers, schools & businesses. With Tiny Server you have a high quality (UNIX based) self hosted and easy manageable Internet Server where you are fully in control again of your own data and Internet Services. Tiny Server is yours so no hidden costs or limitations and you can do what you like with it, expand and add as many software and services as you like.

Tiny Server can be downloaded right after your online purchase. Your WebShop Account Email address is also your Tiny Server License


• WordPress

Create and edit a beautiful website in minutes with WordPress. WordPress is the world leading Content Management System (CMS)

• WebShop

Start your own business with the integrated WebShop that is known for its large variety of shipment & payment modules etc. and community support. Actually we are using the exact same WebShop

• Calendar

You now have your own Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Memo's Server either use the Web Interface or sync your apps with your Tiny Server Calendar Server

• VPN Admin

If say your outdoor Internet connection blocks certain apps / connections like Instant Message or VOIP then using Tiny Server’s VPN connection will help you bypass the blockage. Also if you are outdoor and need to connect to any device from within your home or office then using your VPN will also tunnel your connection as if you were indoors 

• Mail Server + WebMail

Your own domain your own Mail Server and a beautiful WebMail Interface. No matter where you are you can now read, write and send emails from the ease of a browser or simply use your own Email App to connect to you own (SMTPS / IMAPS) Mail Server

• Instant Messaging Server + XMPP Web Client

Instant Messaging Server including mobile Apps so Tiny Server also provides privacy for your IM & Chat communication based on XMPP (just like WhatsApp & Telegram). Chat, Groupchat, Make audio / video phone calls en send files to anyone else with a Jabber / XMPP account

• Internet Telephony Server (PABX)

If you need a professional Internet Telephony Server (switchboard / PBX) to save costs and also call regular phone numbers (by means of a PSTN Gateway subscription) then turn to Internet Telephony Server. The Asterisk PABX is used by millions of organizations worldwide

• Password Manager

Get access to all your passwords and pin-codes from any computer, tablet or mobile. Take out your phone and login to your Password Manager! Type a name, hit search and bingo! copy / paste and you’re in! Simply indispensable!s

• Jukebox - Music Server (MPD)

Allowing you and your visitors to add songs to the play queue right from your mobile, tablet or PC’s browser or MPC client and enjoy your favorite music collection or many Internet Radio Stations together over your HiFi (Bluetooth) amplifier and / or streaming to a remote audio player over the Internet (your mobile etc). Based on MPD a very popular music server for which a wide variety of desktop and mobile Music Player Client Apps are available to control your Music Server right from your mobile, laptop or tablet. Enjoying music has never been such a wonderful and easy joy

• Web Cloud Drive

Your own State-of-the-art Web Based File Cloud software similar to modern commercial cloud drives, allowing you to drag and drop files / folders in and out from any browser or enjoy instant slideshows or web-based text/code editors... Share files and folders with or without password. You’ll love this service!

• Server Admin + Web Interface

Allowing you to remotely administrate your server just from a web browser on virtually all server aspects, whether keeping your server software updated, configure any Internet Services, checking the log files or just keeping an eye on monitoring your system. Server Admin will make administering your server as easy as possible

• Database Admin

Just in case you need a solid and well known DB administration tool then there is one, well actually Tiny Server has more then one web based DB Admin, but this one is the most well known namely: “phpMyAdmin” (another good DB Admin tool can be found in Server Admin)

• Live & Historical Statistics

◦ Live System Stats: Extensively check your server work load or health with the state of the art web based server statistics

◦ Live Web Stats: Check your web server’s work load or overall health and keep a statistical eye on your visitors and web contents

◦ Historical Web Server Stats: Get a broader impression over longer periods of time of what web content attracts your visitors attention

• Home Automation

Tiny Server hosts state of the art Home Domotica software named Node-red which in combination with the embedded MQTT Server and Shelly's  IoT devices you have a tomorrow's Domotica's. Graphically design your smart home appliances and control your smart plugs, lighting and indiviually heat only rooms where and when you are present, even if the Internet is down your self hosted domotica keeps working, unlike most other domotica systems.  

• Home Control

When you are done designing your home automations you can control them from your Web Dashboards from any browser in or outdoor

• Home Dashboard

Designing and controlling your smart house is one, but measuring your house energy consumption is another, Add an MQTT enabled SmartGateways Energymeter to your fusebox and analyse your home energy consumtion with stunning diagrams

• Remote Desktop

Sometimes you’re not physically behind your Tiny Server’s Windows Desktop Session, but you actually need to be this is where you turn to. Open a browser and jump right into your Remote Desktop Session even if it was only to write a Word Document with LibreOffice or connect your Tiny Server again to your Bluetooth Amplifier again its all possible

• Remote Terminal

In case you are more familiar with a Terminal to do stuff from the command line in a command shell then this is where you would turn to right from any browser with the need to install things like Putty or an SSH client and any remote location that possibly block SSH connections and yes this service of course is also access over a secured TLS (HTTPS) connection

• Bookmark Manager

Ever had this situation where you were in need to access your own browser’s bookmarks, but not actually using someone else’s computer, mobile or tablet? With Bookmark Manager your personal bookmarks are always with you no matter where you or on what computer you work

• SFTP Secure File Transfer Server

SFTP acts a bit like Web Cloud Drive but isn’t web based and requires an SFTP enabled file manager. Every mobile, tablet, Mac or PC has those apps. Bring out the app and instant copy files / dirs in and out your Tiny Server or just remotely read or edit them. Whether you need to send a copy of your passport or Id to the authorities or send an invoice returning a product just open your mobile SFTP File Browser and share any remote file with anyone. It gets even better... You take some nice holiday pictures / video's and copy them to your SFTP File Cloud and share them with your Web Cloud Drive and send your loved ones the web-link and they can instantly enjoy your holiday with you

• Apache Web Server

Apache (OpenSource) Web Server software is by far the most used Web Server worldwide. Apache is very reliable, modular, performant, has niche capabilities, is widely supported and yet easy to configure 

• MariaDB (MySQL) Database Server

MariaDB Relational Database Server started as the most popular OpenSource Database Server called MySQL. Since Oracle purchased MySQL, MariaDB was forked off of MySQL getting its new name MariaDB continuing this legendary OpenSource Database Server

• WebDAV

WebShare Dav (does not work in regular browsers) is different in nature as it's meant to share files with write access so you can read and write files collaboratively. WebDAV(S) requires DAV clients that can handle [davs://] URLs. As a side note SFTP File Cloud is the preferred way of collaborating on authoring files

• Automatic Firewall Security

Fail2Ban in combination with the famous IPTables state-full Firewall you have a very smart, powerful automatic defense build in against cyber attacks. Fail2Ban is reactive by nature and allows everyone until malicious behavior is detected from with your system’s log files. Use Server Admin to UNBAN in case needed

• Debian 12 Operating System

Debian is the mother of all modern Linux distributions including all Ubuntu siblings and many others . Known for its stability and security, wide support and having created an impressive set of world standards in Linux land. This OpenSource Operating System is used by millions of organizations worldwide including countless of multi-nationals. Besides being an impressive Operating System Debian comes with a dazzling nearly 60.000 free software packages in it's software repository

After downloading Tiny Server you can copy the image of choice onto a USB Flash Drive (Recommended) or MMC / MicroSD Card and after inserting and booting up from your Tiny Server Drive you find a Setup Icon on your Desktop that helps you reset your password and setting up Tiny Server to host your domain(s)

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