Unlimited Hosting

Packed with Internet Services
Packed with Web Applications
It is your server! which means:
No hidden costs or limitations

60.000 free software packages
Unlimited Storage and Sharing
Host unlimited websites & apps
Add all internet services you like
Just do what you want! It’s yours

Hosting your own Internet Services

Host your own data and services and no one can restrict you


Hosting your own data (private photo’s, video’s & documents) and communication means you own it and no longer depend on others for it. The advantage of hosting your self is to prevent: espionage, costs and limits. Host as many websites & domains, emails, cloud files, multimedia, messages. No more Limits!.


Today’s communication has changed a lot. Email, Instant Messaging, Internet Telephony. Tiny Server offers all these services like Email SMPTS / IMAPS, Instant Messaging (XMPP), Internet Telephony (VOIP), File Transfer SCP, (S)FTP(S), WebDAV, Calendar CalDAV / CardDAV & VPN etc.


Tiny Server is packed with remote control services in case anything happens and you need to take full control of your Tiny Server. Use a web browser from any remote location to open: Server Admin or a Remote Desktop or a Remote Terminal or  even any native Remote VNC over SSH client software.


Tiny Server is designed to offer the best user friendly internet services and web interfaces for private and small business applications like Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Memo’s, Password Manager, WordPress, WebShop, WebStats, Web Drive, Instant Messaging, VPN & Server Manager etc.


Raspberry Pi or Intel


Tiny Server supports two types of computers. The new fast, energy efficient, low cost Raspberry Pi 3/4/400/5 (arm64) or Intel (amd64)


Tiny Server Installer installs Tiny Server on top of Linux Debian 12 (Bookworm) OS or Raspberry Pi OS (which is also based on Debian 12 (Bookworm)

Raspberry Pi 3/4/400/5

Raspberry Pi 4/400/5 is recommended for Tiny Server being powerful (4 cores), energy efficient (<5W) and low cost


Tiny Server runs great on Intel computers which is a good choice, but Raspberry Pi is up to 10 x more energy efficient


Professional and Sensible

Tiny Install

Tiny Installer installs Tiny Server on top of Raspberry Pi OS or Linux Debian OS turning your computer into a professional and versatile Internet Server. The installation takes about an hour

Tiny Setup

Tiny Setup sets up or guides you through with : Set Password | Setup Network | Setup Domain | Setup Sertificates | Service Manager  |Backup / Restore Tiny Server | Use Tiny Server

Tiny Desktop

Tiny Desktop is your starting point from where you can quickly find and manage all your Tiny Server web / internet services and easy access to help documentation

Tiny Admin

Tiny Server offers many web based admin and remote access tools to easily monitor, configure, update & expand your server the way you want without limits

Performance design

Under the hood Tiny Server uses Enterprise server software just like the big companies for rocksolid stability, reliability and performance with a user-friendly web interface

super features

No matter what Internet Service you need Tiny Server has it. Simply add any Internet Service you need with the user-friendly yet powerful Server Admin Web-Application

Web Drive

Ever dreamed of having your own Web Drive? Drag’n Drop files in and out. Share anything with anyone no matter how big. Tiny Server hosts your own state of the art File Cloud

What you get

Tiny Server comes with lots of Web Applications so even a browser gives you access from anywhere to all your services and data
Buy Shelly Home Automation Devices and Tiny Server turns your home into a Self Hosted Independent Home Domotics System 

Raspberry Pi 400




Web Drive

Web Shop

WebShop Admin

Instant Message

Password Manager

Mail Calendar Contacts Tasks

Web Mail

Instant Message Manager

Bookmark Manager

Web JukeBox

Server Admin

VPN Manager

Server Manager

Live Server Stats

Live Web Server Stats

Remote Desktop

Historical Web Stats

Net DB Manager (phpMyAdmin)

File DB Manager phpLiteAdmin

Home Automation

Home Stats

Home Control

Remote Terminal

Tiny Setup

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Agapé Acupunctuur

In ONE SENTENCE “a true contribution in the world”

The product’s excellence is based on:

  • Creation based on righteousness, non financial motives but pure superb technological innovation providing absolute freedom from big tech’s and large and rich companies imprisonments
  • Completeness of all thinkable web servers, among others: email, clouding of plain private data, Webhosting, websites, Webshop, chatting, …
  • Almost limitless possibilities in server’s configuration to your likeliness
  • Web based use of applications possible as the World Wide Web naturally keeps growing
  • About the author, known to me as Ron, is, in my opinion as an owner of an IT master degree, and absolute wizard and super brain individual, in all aspects of life and that for a just young fellow
  • An extraordinary artist that composes his music (e.g tiny-server) using his extraordinary intelligence, mosaic embroider composed by all individually available applications gather them all in his humble name: Tiny Server
  • Intriguing natural high intelligence as well as mathematical mind, general developed human and spiritually outstanding that has a fundamentally good heart

Owner & Developer Tiny Server

“Besides being the developer of Tiny Server I’m also an intensive user having developed Tiny Server for my self to break free from Big Tech.

Tiny Server is designed and built on a long-term use basis to provide a wide variety of internet services to restore our privacy independence and Internet costs. I use it myself and every day I enjoy not being limited anymore, endless possibilities, total internet freedom, privacy and cost savings no longer being dependent on big tech hosting. With Tiny Server we can cut the middle man whom have violated our privacy, costs and freedom for too long…”


Sales & PR

Tiny Server is designed to bring independence, privacy and freedom

Become a Tiny Server Affiliate or Account Manager and get 25-50% per Sale by Sharing a webshop link

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Meet and contact our team

Ron de Jong

Ron de Jong

Owner & Developer Tiny Server

“Having worked in ICT for nearly two decades I’ve seen how Big Tech Industries turned into surveillance capitalists selling you opensource cloud services holding you customer locked-in A Big Tech trillions industry

With Tiny Server we can replace Big Tech with Tiny Tech and break free from the industrial grip restoring our Internet privacy, freedom and costs”


Sales & PR

Tiny Server will help you restore your Internet freedom, privacy and costs